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      GEOMENT TEAM * research in  tech fields such as :

 Are in GEOMENT'S  policy since its foundation, guiding its operation nowadays.       

Our principles , that have marked  GEOMENT'S  policy are Quality - reliability - responsibility, since its foundation and continue to govern its operation.

GEOMENT TEAM implementing pioneering ideas whether the  idea appealed or not to the domestic market, having the necessary infrastructure and know-how.

The patents held by GEOMENT LTD strengthen our leadership position in the Defensive and Industrial Applications sector.


Magnetic tune phenomenon,  as implemented for inspection, detection and localization any living or not material structure is a GEOMENT'S  original   tech , copyright by A particular patent  (FIGURE 7) 'LONG DISTANCE INSPECTION AND 6 MATERIALS STRUCTURE DETECTION SYSTEM'  (PAT. No 10050224)  and the upgradeable of the method relative patent 'LONG DISTANCE DETECTION AND LOCALIZATION METHOD USING MAGNETIC  TUNE  IN DISTINGUISHABLE  MATERIAL STRUCTURES '  (PAT. No 10060352) patented at the Industry Property Organization (OBI)      www.obi.gr     and   www.ep.espasenet.com (european patents office).                                                                                

 We called our portable systems - devices using the above phenomenon   as  :



>> see presentation    about WTMS technology

Click here for a comprehensive view of GEOMENT TEAM licensed patents.

GEOMENT TEAM *  is the research sector of CGRI LTD

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