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  • Long distance  inspection and  explosive maters detection and localization services                                                                             >> More information                       See Video (wmv):magtun2

  • Long distance inspection clear water detection and localization services                                                                                                >> More information                       See Video (wmv):alex3water

  • Long distance inspection , detection and metallic materials structure  localization   services                                                       >> More information                       See Video (wmv):metaldetector 

  • Long distance inspection , detection and non metallic materials structure  localization  services                                                         >> More information                        See Video (wmv):nonmetal 

  • Inspection , detection of Geopathetic low frequency magnetic fields   localization   services                                                             >> More information                        See Video (wmv):alex3geopatetic

  • Long distance  land & sea mines detection and  localization services                                                                                                >> More information                          See Video (wmv):minedetector

  • Long distance  inspection,  detection and localization of BURIED HUMAN BONES, services                                                                      >> More information                       See Video (wmv):HUMANDETECT

  • Long distance  inspection,  detection and localization of LIVING HUMANS, services                                                                                     >> More information        See Video (wmv):humandetect

GEOMENT TEAM provides services using  advanced systems that uses a WORLDWIDE ORIGINAL TECHNOLOGY, argued with patent and certified from the Greek army, with the use of which detect and locate from long distances all the known distinguishable material structures, as:  EXPLOSIVE MATTERS, METALS (GOLD, COPPER, SILVER etc)  AND NONMETAL STRUCTURES, PLASTIC , WOODEN AND METAL MINES, VEHICLES, TANKS, AQUATIC LAYERS,  ARMING SYSTEMS,   LIVING PERSONS,  HUMAN BONES,  NARCOTIC SUBSTANCES, CLEAR WATER etc.                                                                                

>> see presentation    about WTMS technology

Detection  and  Localization of  geopathetic,  low frequency, magnetic fields, such as Schumann Resonance, Hartmann grid lines, the Curry net, ley lines, black water radiation, and many others phenomena that have a direct negative effect on human health but also interfere with the treatment of disease, using our own handmade, magnetic tuned on material structure appliances.   GEOMENT LTD can also provide low cost, density -free , devices against  those geopathetic low frequency magnetic fields. Protection from known and unknown emitted radiation   using  appliances which made an  energy shield ( STEALTH tech) all over the target to  protect.

 Our primary goal is to guarantee high quality services, setting quality and quantity objectives.

GEOMENT LTD was recently certified for material structure  detection and localization systems by CRETE Technical Educational Institute, for proper environmental use and for the harmless of the emitted radiation of all devises.


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